What is a Balloon Arch and How Many Different Kinds are There?

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What is a balloon arch and how many different kinds can we create?

arch1 /ärCH/ noun

  1. a curved symmetrical structure spanning an opening and typically supporting the weight of a bridge, roof, or wall above it.


verb: arch; 3rd person present: arches; past tense: arched; past participle: arched; gerund or present participle: arching

have the curved shape of an arch.

“a beautiful bridge that arched over a canal”

Middle English: from Old French arche, based on Latin arcus ‘bow’.



A balloon arch, or really any arch, is just like they say in the dictionary, a curved structure that we use to spotlight a doorway, dance floor, head table, stage, stadium or store entrance – pretty ,much anywhere!

We create a number of different arch designs that can fit any décor and any budget. With over 80 colors to choose from in just the latex balloons, your color palette is extensive and oh so colorful. Add foil balloons to the mix and all you will say is WOW!

Generally we create 5 very different styles of arch.

Single arches – sometimes called a “String of Pearls” arch because that’s what it looks like. A single arch is just that – a single row of balloons created on a single line set next to each other. Single arches are very economical and are best created only for indoor events.


Double Arch – something pretty unique to Life O’ The Party, where balloons create an arch that looks like a zipper design or butterfly wings. It’s different and always a real show stopper. Like single arches, double arches MUST be used only indoors.


Packed or Triple Arch – a big, thick, classic arch design that can be created in many different patterns. We offer such patterns as the ever-popular spiral, blocks of colors, stripes, random, solid colors, zig-zag, diamond shape and lots more.

Foil Arch – these are long lasting arches that work great indoors or out. Foil balloons create a dynamic, brilliant shine that will surely command the attention of your guests and can potentially last for many days.


Organic arch – the newest balloon craze that has taken the world by storm. Organic arches use hundreds of multiple sizes of balloons throughout to create a truly unique design every single time we create one. Whether a full arch (from floor to floor) or the very popular demi-arch, (half arch shape) you and your guests will simply love these truly exciting, colorful and unique creations from Life O’ The Party.


An arch looks great at the doorway to your event welcoming your guest inside, by setting the stage right from the start for the event design inside.  A balloon arch frames a dance floor beautifully. Add balloon columns at each corner and you have a dance floor not soon forgotten and ready to fire up your party!. Place an arch outside a store opening or sale and your business is ready to tell your customers – WE’RE HERE AND WE HAVE SOMETHING SPECIAL JUST FOR YOU INSIDE!”

Want to make the bride feel extra special on her big day? Let us create a super organic arch over her ceremony area, dais or sweetheart table. It will look fantastic in pictures, not soon forgotten by the bride, the groom and all of your guests.

Outdoors let’s make that next pool party or garden soiree the talk of the neighborhood with one of spectacular outdoor arch creations. We’ll bring just the right colors to really spice up your next outside event.

As you can see balloon arches from Life O’ The Party are far more than just “symmetrical structures” They are fantastic creations for anywhere you need them. So let’s create a fantastic balloon arch (or two!) for you and your next event.

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