Color Psychology, Balloons, and Event Decorating

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Color Psychology, Balloons, and Event Decorating

The art of balloon decorating, like most all visual arts, relies largely on color to communicate specific feelings, atmospheres, or moods. Even the casual observer can notice this around various holidays when we see passionate reds and pinks for Valentine’s day, or leaf-centric oranges, browns, and reds for Thanksgiving in the fall. The reasons for this are deeper than one might think.

There are some interesting theories behind the psychology of color, and some friends of ours at Jen Reviews shared with us their relevant and informative article on the subject – “Color Meaning, Symbolism, And Psychology: What Do Different Colors Mean”

The information in this article is useful to creatives in general, but we wanted to discuss some of the specific applications in terms of balloons and event decorating.


“It is attention-grabbing and thus intensifies an object or space. It is the color of action, which is why it is used in call-to-action buttons to spur people to act and buy things online. It is the universal color used in stop-signs.” – Jen Reviews

As a color which immediately commands the viewer’s attention, red balloons are a highly effective choice for numerous events and store openings – but we are not just balloons! Red is also a favorite color for centerpieces and themed candlepieces, created to stand out and celebrate the guest of honor.


“To the human eye, yellow is one of the brightest colors. It is the most visible color on the color spectrum. It is a cheerful color that exudes excitement and happiness. It is the color of sunshine, youth and fun. Yellow is the color of optimism.” – Jen Reviews

When the mood of an event is meant to be positive and cheerful, yellow is a great choice for balloons and decor alike. It can be used across a variety of applications, and works well alongside other colors like gold, white, and orange to add to the sunniness. Indoors or outdoors, yellow balloon columns and arches create light, brightness, and fun.


“Green is the combination of yellow and blue and is the color of trees and most plants. This color represents the natural world, ecology, tranquility. It is the color of refreshment and fertility, without which the earth seems lifeless and barren. It is the color of environment and sustainability. It can also be used to represent growth and renewal especially in its lighter shades.”

This point is well taken at Life O’ The Party, where green balloons are used for a variety of events celebrating personal growth and natural beauty. It is popular for celebrating a milestone birthday, and outstanding for an outdoor event during the warmer months. In the photos above, you can see how well the green balloon arches fit with the jungle theme of a child’s party, or even with autumnal pumpkin balloons for the fall. Of course, green is also the color of money and success, so its application is equally appropriate for a business or finance-focused event.


“Blue is considered a popular color. And why not? The earth is made up of 70% water, most of which is the blue of the seas and oceans of the world … Blue is the color of tranquility, serenity, and calmness. People tend to associate the blue waters and its associated beaches with swimming, rest, and relaxation.” – Jen Reviews

Blue is a versatile color for balloons at Life O’ The Party, being used for a number of events like the ones seen above. One of the best known uses for blue balloons is a boy’s birthday party, but they also make a beautiful accent to any scene with water, such as a placid blue balloon arch setting the atmosphere for a pool party.


“Being a combination of red and white, pink is the color of excitement, romance, playfulness and high energy, but without the aggression of the red. It is a fun, youthful color that can add brightness to a room. It is a cute color.”

For celebrations of tenderness and all things cute, it’s common knowledge that such events are pretty in pink. Baby showers and girls’ birthday parties are some of the more obvious uses, but the rosy hues don’t stop there. For Valentine’s day, weddings, anniversaries, and any other event focused on the feeling of love, pink balloons can be formed into heart-shaped arches, or accented with organics of white to complement sweets and matrimonial decor.

For more information on planning and decorating your next event, please contact Life O’ The Party. With a full spectrum of vibrant colors, we have balloons and more for any occasion!

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